Friday, February 10, 2012

#shellscript to download #flickr photo sets

This is #shell #script #shellscript that will retrive public sets of #flickr images.  It creates a directory with the name of the flickr user and it moves all the files into that directory.

If you find it useful, let me know what you think.


# A friend asked me to write a script to download a flickr set of images
# that are Publicly available.
# So, here it is, my first attempt
# If you have any questions shoot me an email
# If you are going to be running this script on Linux, make sure to
# uncomment out line 28 and comment out line 29

## Set to download 
# ***** Replace this url with the SET you would like to download *****

# Size of files 
SizeImage="_z.jpg" # This is the medium size
SizeImage1="_b.jpg" # Large size if available

# Creates directory with the name of the user
Dir=`echo $Set | cut -d'/' -f5` 

function ComponentsDownload { # This function gets all the pages number
mkdir -p $Dir
PagesCalc=`lynx -dump $Set | grep 'page' | awk '{print $2}' | sort -d | uniq | cut -d'=' -f2 | sort -n | tail -1`
PagesCalcPlus1=$(expr $PagesCalc + 1)

#for PageNumb in `seq 1 $PagesCalcPlus1` # For Linux usage
for PageNumb in `jot - 1 $PagesCalcPlus1` # For Mac OS X usage


echo $Set"?page="$PageNumb >> Pages.txt


# This pices gets all the links to the pictures on the pages
for ImagesUrl in `cat Pages.txt | awk '{print $1}' | sort -d | uniq` 

lynx -dump $ImagesUrl | grep 'in/set-' | awk '{print $2}' | sort -d | uniq >> ImagesUrl.txt

echo "First part of job done."
echo "Hold on tight ..."

function DownloadImages { # This funcion starts the actual download of the images
for ImageUrl in `cat ImagesUrl.txt | sort -d | uniq`


curl $ImageUrl | grep "url: 'http://" | grep "$SizeImage\|$SizeImage1" | cut -d"'" -f2  > Image2Download 2>&1

WhichFile=`grep '_b.jpg' Image2Download`

if [ ! -z "$WhichFile" ]; # This piece determines which file to download

File2Download=`cat Image2Download | tail -1`
echo $File2Download


File2Download=`cat Image2Download | head -1`
echo $File2Download


wget $File2Download > /dev/null 2>&1
File2Move=`echo $File2Download | cut -d'/' -f5`
mv $File2Move $Dir"/"
rm Image2Download
sleep 1 # Waits 1 second before it downloads the second image


function CleanUp { # Removes the pages where the urls get stored
rm ImagesUrl.txt
rm Pages.txt

# this piece renames the files for the ones that have extra characters
cd $Dir
ls -1 | grep '.jpg?' | while read File; do mv $File `echo $File | cut -d'?' -f1`; done
cd ..

# This executes the above functions

echo "Job done."

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